We  believe in strength of every student. Every student is unique and has unique talent we provide them the stage to showcase their talent and push their own limits. Nowadays, industries require all-rounder’s rather than just academic nerds. We make sure that you become somebody who is all set for the professional world.

We have several sports and cultural activities that keep students engaged throughout the year. The college offers numbers of Club/Events for the students.


The club is for the students who want to do innovations and get going in the field of robotics and automotive. The club organizes the expert workshop time to time and provides you the best of best of knowledge on advance trends on the topics and gives you the platform to practice it.


A healthy body along with a healthy mind is what we encourage our students to have for that we have a sports club and Gym where students get engaged in different kinds of sports and do exercise till they sweat out. We also run a packed program of group fitness classes, where you can do anything- from yoga to aerobics. In previous years many of our students had represented the zonal/ university/ state and national levels.


In this modern era of ever changing fashion trends this club is dedicated to fashion enthusiasts who wants to keep pace with the latest trends in fashion industry. It regularly organizes Fashion Shows, Ramp Walks, Interaction with industry experts and photo shoots.


As the saying goes Dancing is the best form of expressing yourself in form of art. We give full chance to our students by doing that.. Western, Classical, Contemporary, Bharatnatyam, Bhangara ,Garba, Kathak etc. are just to name few of the dance forms that we practice here.


Students who are enthusiastic about acting, direction, script writing etc. can enroll in this and follow their passion by joining this club. Expressing one’s emotions and opinions through acting can happen here.


This club is all about Music and Music lovers, be it Vocal or instrumental anybody who sings or play an instrument can join this club.  You can find the rhythm entwined and etched in your souls by being a part of this society.