D.Pharm means Diploma in Pharmacy. In India, students can study this education course after successfully completing Standard Twelve in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and either Biology as subjects. The person who has completed D.Pharm can be employed as pharmacist in shops selling medicine (Pharmacy). It has been made mandatory that at least one person employed in pharmacy must have qualified D.Pharm. After completion of D.Pharm, a student can go for degree (under graduate)course of B.Pharm in India.
This two-year diploma course in pharmacy will enable successful students working as a registered pharmacist, medical representative, medical transcriptionist, chemist, production executive, technical supervisor, quality analyst, or scientific officer in private pharmaceutical firms. Today, the pharmaceutical sector of India is fast growing with many new pharmaceutical companies being established every year, creating numerous job opportunities at diverse levels.

Career opportunity after course

Diverse job opportunities are available in front of Diploma in Pharmacy certificate holders. Government and private sector job opportunities are available in front of them.
Diploma in Pharmacy certificate holders may start practicing as pharmacists in India. They may work at drug stores in Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, community health centres or private drug stores. In such a work setup, they usually check prescriptions (made by the Doctor), dispense drugs to patients, give them advice & directions, keep stock of drugs in storage, keep accounts and maintain the inventory.
Other than working for hospitals or private drug stores, D Pharm certificate holders may even start their own private drug store! To thrive in such a venture, one must have access to decent financial resources and entrepreneurship skills.
Pharmaceutical companies are also known to hire D Pharm folks. In this sector, they may work at divisions/sections like- manufacturing, process control, quality control and marketing. Talking about marketing sector, one may work for firms involved in pharmaceutical products marketing. One may also work as a medical representative.

Bachelor of Pharmacy: Job Profiles

Analytical Chemist:

Analytical Chemist has to look after the elements used in a compound and its reaction with other elements.

Food and Drug Inspector:

Food and Drug Inspector is required to collect samples of products bacteriological and chemical laboratory analysis and check manufacture of foods, drugs and cosmetics.

Hospital Drug Coordinator:

Hospital Drug Coordinator has to prepare medications under the directions of a pharmacist and manage dosage as prescribed.

Regulatory Manager:

Regulatory Manager has to study scientific and legal documents and organize various formats.

Drug Therapist:

Drug Therapist are required to counsel people who are addicted to prescribed or illegal drugs..

salary scale in India for fresher and experienced

Starting salary depends on factors like profile of the employer, job location and job profile. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, Diploma in Pharmacy certificate holders may earn anywhere between 8-20K Rupees per month (at start).