The examination system of the University has been designed keeping in view the best available options of evaluation & certification along with their global acceptability. The basic principle of the system is that it is “scientific, objective and transparent” with least possibility of subjectivity caused due to the individual evaluator, particular subject or a particular batch of students.
The examination system is divided as follows:

Theory Examination

1. Internal Assessment: It includes 1st hourly test, Mid-term test, 2nd hourly test, surprise test, quiz, tutorials and assignments.
2. External Assessment: At the end of semester, final examination will be conducted to evaluate student’s performance. Evaluation of Internal Assessment

Theory Papers

Criteria Weightage of Marks Weightage of Marks (For Architecture only)
Internal Assessment 40 50
Ist hourly test (Unit –I) 06 09
Midterm test (Unit-I &Unit-II) 12 18
IInd hourly test (Unit-III) 06 09
Element I 03 03
Element II 03 03
Element III 04 03
Element IV 04 03
Attendance (more than 90%) 02 02
Mass Bunk -3 -3
Total 40 50

Practical Papers

A. Internal Assessment/Evaluation
Each lab has 10 to 12 experiments during a semester in every practical subject and students are required to conduct all the experiments.
Each experiment is to be performed by the student himself in practical class.
Each semester is divided into 3 segments as Unit -1, Unit-2 and Unit-3 for the purpose of evaluation.
Each experiment is evaluated in following three components: